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Bushehr desalination project
Bushehr desalination company, as the only company of Mapna Group, has the operational history of the offshore sector, relying on its engineering knowledge and executive history in this sector, and in order to perform piping operations at sea, using modern methods of implementation. In order to impose the least operational risk on the project and with the approach of reducing operating costs, it has implemented the offshore part of the Bushehr desalination project.

Steel frame factory

Oil, gas and petrochemicals

The steel frame factory of Nasr Niroo Company is located in Arak Industrial Town and has an annual production capacity of 18,000 tons of various power plant and industrial steel structures.

Iran ranks second in the world in terms of oil and gas reserves as one of the main players in this field of industry and has a special position among countries with fossil energy resources.


Power plant and industrial

Nasab Niroo Company has also established a transportation and clearance department since 2012 with the order of the esteemed management of the agent with the aim of equipping the company with special and bulky cargo vehicles.

Since its establishment, the power installation company has been able to play an effective role in meeting the country’s energy needs by producing more than 16,000 MW of energy by participating in the construction of 43 power plants in various types of thermal, hydro and wind.

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Nasb Niroo Among Prime Iranian Contractors, Again

Based on published Data about the 21st round of ranking Iranian Companies (IMI-100) by Industrial Management Organization, Nasb Niroo took the 14th stand among the prime Iranian contractors.

Note that it’s the third time that Nasb Niroo has come up among 15 prime Iranian contractors.

I’m incredibly blessed and honored to have the opportunity to cooperate with the most experienced Mapna group corporate in power installation company. Power installations will play an important role in glamorous future of Mapna and electric industry , considering the technical potential of the efficient and professional human assets as the most crucial human resource. Management of the stockholders , customer orientation and building trust is some of the strategic goals of the company in terms of the strategies related to maintenance , development , and penetration in market. Power installations will set expansion of the strategic allies with commerce partners and contractors in order to achieve mutual benefits as the base for the future strategies of the company. It is my firm conviction that through competitive pricing in market , punctuality in completion of projects , emphasizing the desired qualities , paying attention to HSE and also elevating the project management in the project_base corporate of power installations , we can envision the forthcoming status of the company vividly. I express my gratitude in advance on the trust we have been credited by the respectful masters and also the honest and precious efforts of my dear colleagues regarding the progress of the company strategies.


CEO and Board Member

Since the first day, Nasb Niroo, believing that the main capital of every organization is its human resources, tried its best to employ expert and hardworking people based on organizations’ board piece of human resource development strategies, and with providing equal job opportunities for all postgraduates, organized certain tactics to attract and employ qualified and chosen individuals, to shape and develop a privileged and distinct body of expertise and management.

Some of current and finished projects

Ramila Power Plant
The 3156 MW Ramila power plant, including 12 gas units and 6 MAP 2B (E type) steam units, is located near the Iraqi city of Basra. The employer of this power plant is Shamara Group Company and its consultant is Fishner Company. This project is the largest international project of Mapna Group.
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Assaluyeh Power Plant
Assaluyeh power plant with a capacity of 480 MW, including three steam units is located in Assaluyeh region in Bushehr province. The employer of this power plant is Assaluyeh Mapna Power Generation Company and its consultant is Quds Niroo Engineering Company.
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West Karun Power Plant
West Karun power plant with a capacity of 520 MW, including two steam units and a MAP 2A gas unit, is located 52 km southwest of Ahvaz. The employer of this power plant is Karun Power Generation Company and its consultant is Quds Niroo Engineering Company.
Mil Nader Wind Farm
Nader wind power plant with a capacity of 50 MW, including 20 Class A type 2 turbine units, is located in the northwest of Zabol city. The employer of this power plant is Mapna Renewable Energy Production Company and its consultant is Mashnir Engineering Company.
Isfahan Steel Plant effluent treatment plant
Isfahan Steel Plant effluent treatment project with a total input capacity of 850 cubic meters per hour, which includes 550 cubic meters per hour of sanitary effluent and 300 cubic meters per hour of industrial effluent.
Sweeten water Bushehr (Lian)
This project with a capacity of 35,000 cubic meters is under construction near the city of Bushehr. The water intake capacity of this project, considering the development plan, is equal to 150,000 cubic meters per day, and the technology used for water desalination is membrane technology.

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