Power Plants

Thermal, Hydro, Combined Cycle and Gas Power Plants Construction and Erection.

Power Transmission Lines & Substations

Implementing of Power Transmission Lines in Various Voltages and Destinations.

Industrial Complex Construction

Construction and Develompent of Large Industrial Complexes.

Oil & Gas

Constructing Petrochemical Complexes, Refineries and Fuel Storage Tanks.

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EPC rating certificate has been acquired

Nasb Niroo was awarded the EPC rating certificate from IMI (Industrial Management Institute).... More


Iran – South Africa joint commission

Nasb Niroo has participated in the Eleventh Session of the South Africa... More


Participation of Nasb Niroo in international Electricity Exhibition of Iran

NASBNIROO attended the 13th international Electricity Exhibition of Iran in Tehran International Ground Fair (6 to 9 November 2013).... More